Broome Real Estate Services

Residential Property Management

With residential property management we understand how anxious it is to have a new outsider take up residence in one of your most valuable assets in Broome. We employ a rigorous screening process of all prospective tenants and their rental history backgrounds.

Broome can be an unforgiving climate that can punish properties at times. As such, regular maintenance is vital for your property to remain in good condition to extend its useful lifetime. Our Broome based agents will conduct regular inspections to identify repair options before they could lead to bigger problems.

Commercial Property Sales & Management

Every commercial property experience must meet the demands of both investor and its unique tenant – before and after hours. This begins with BRE’s commercial leasing agents who identify and vet prospective tenants to ensure planned uses conform to the property’s design and will not be used in a way that will undermine the longevity and future use of your asset.

After this match is confirmed, BRE provides tenants with a myriad of ongoing support services ensuring your commercial asset is well looked after and reconciled on a monthly basis.

When it comes time to list your commercial property there is only one name in Broome you can rely on – that’s Broome’s own 30-year resident and veteran commercial property agent Peter Taylor. Click below to discover what Peter can do for you.

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