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Being a Broome local makes all the difference

Broome Real Estate (BRE) was acquired in March 2024 by West Australia’s largest property management business – one the largest property management businesses in Australia. Many of our residential and commercial agents live locally here right in Broome. Owners can also rely on extensive back-office support right from Perth headquarters with bespoke trust accounting and technology.

We know we are new in town and reputation means everything. Our founder is committed to improving the accountability, reporting, and care of all of our Broome assets. BRE is investing in improving a myriad of support services to ensure your property gets the very best in care. If you are not satisfied just ask for a call with our CEO who will find out how to make it just right for you.

BRE already currently manages over $500m of property here in Broome with some of the best names in town using our services.

Click below to discover our residential and commercial management services. Meet with one of our seasoned agents to discover how we can identify ways to maximise your property’s true profit potential for years to come.

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